Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I feel great, but not because of eating any Frosted Flakes. Remember those commercials with Tony the Tiger? He's probably a diabetic now. Speaking of sugary cereals - did you hear that it's now been proven, conclusively, that the cereals that are most devoid of nutrients and contain the most sugar are the ones that are the most heavily marketed to children? Sickening.

Why do I feel great? Well, my run this morning for one. I'm training for a half marathon and recently joined the gym. I don't have a Garmin and it's hard for me to know how fast and how far I'm going, so I thought the treadmill would help with that. Not to mention it's getting colder and colder. Today I ran about 3 miles mixed in with some walking and I also did some "hill" or incline work on the treadmill. I was a hot sweaty mess by the end, but my energy level ever since then has been great.

I'm also on a high because of my decision to just allow myself to eat whatever the heck I want, knowing I prefer healthy foods and good fuel for my training, whenever I'm hungry. Yes, I have set a calorie goal of 1700 a day, with hopes that every 3 weeks or so I'll lose ten pounds. I don't need this to be fast. I think that's part of what always derails me. I want to lose twenty pounds, NOW. I'm completely changed that. I want to lose ten pounds in 13 weeks. And maybe more later, but lets just see where that gets me.

I always get the huge sense of relief when I make peace with food, but for some reason I tend to get off track, usually because I think I need to lose more weight, now. I'm ready to get off that crazy train.

So far I'm at 900 calories and have my evening meal (which will be eaten super early, because I have to go to my part time job at 5) and evening snack (once I get home from work) all planned out. I can easily and happily subsist on 1700 cals today.

See Ya!

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