Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Two Take Two

So far so good! I may have said that before, but I really feel as though my mind set has shifted this time. I was really stuck in a place where I kept telling myself a) that I HAD to lose weight and b) that nothing I ever did worked permanently and I was just going to binge my way out of it. What am I telling myself now? A bunch of positive things, but mostly that I believe I can change the way I think about food and that I can permanently lose weight.

Ever notice how different things work for different people? And I know you're as confused as me as to what the "healthiest" diet is. I've decided the healthiest diet is the one that brings me joy. You might be thinking, "But if I ate what brought me joy I'd eat chocolate cake and cheese fries all day!" I just don't think that's true. There are tons and tons of natural, whole foods that I absolutely love. And lots of less-than-natural foods that I love, too. It's my decision to enjoy everything I eat.

Enjoy what I eat. Yup, that's something I'm going to start really paying attention to. Often I'm feeling so anxious about the fact that I'm eating something I "shouldn't" that I don't even taste it!

Okay, I've got some work to do, including a fun project that I haven't worked on in a while! Have a great day!


  1. I definitely agree! Everyone thinks that their favorite foods are the ones like ice cream, cookies, cake, etc... but that's not always true! I think we crave things because we know we're not supposed to have them everyday.

  2. Couldn't agree more. I spent a long time eating fat-free sugar free foods and restricting myself of the joys of really delish food. I'd leave a restaurant hungry and go home and have to eat something again! No way to live.

    Since I've crossed over to the camp of eating what really sounds and looks good, even if there's fat or more cals than I used to eat, i'm totally satisfied for hours- never ever happened before. So much better. Hope it works for you too. As you said- everyone is so different.